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MyMangosteen is so simple to use. There are great resources for those of us building a XANGO business and it’s easy for those looking for more information or wanting to purchase our products.—Janice Newland
I love receiving text alerts when people arrive at the video(s) I sent! And I love having one place to find such a plethora of product stories and testimonials categorized by condition or issue. Great!—Amy Brown
MyMangosteen is the number one website I recommend for distributors. With the testimonials, science & video presentations—I don't know how would do my business without it! Thank you!—Holly Ross
I love all the great info MyMangosteen gives me! From the testimonials to the "share" section, and all the science on the fruit and the products. And I love that when I send people info, I can track it and know that they’ve seen it.—Francesca Parker
MyMangosteen is such an asset to my business! Sooo easy and user-friendly! Thanks!!—Carlye Jackson
This website is inspired. It’s laid back, but gives you the vital information you need. No hype.—Victorine Basnayake
I love being able to send out targeted , trackable videos. I also love that the videos continually get updated. Honestly, they just get better and better!!—Scott Persons
The targeted presentations to send to business candidates or customers are exceptional, authentic and professional.—Marilyn Terpening
I love the MyMangosteen website. I can easily send out invitations to watch videos and see the product information. And the cost is nothing! Thank you so much!—Arsenia Hotzel
Trackable, quality, inviting, essential, abundant, custom, user-friendly and so much more. I love it entirely!—Jody Withers

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Count on your own online XANGO store 24/7. Hundreds of millions of dollars in sales (half of which is paid out in commissions!) and 250,000 customers later, works for you.

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Professional presentations that you won't find anywhere else. Designed specifically to help you tell the XANGO health and business stories authentically and powerfully.

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Phones, tablets, laptops, desktops…MyMangosteen is everywhere you need it to be. You and your customers can use the site from anywhere!


Join a worldwide community of people who make health their living. Find product testimonials, message boards, social media groups, business building techniques—and friends!


A little fun competition and your name in lights! See who the top builders are, who has the most product orders and reorders, meet our newest members and more.

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Everything XANGO all in one place: conference calls (and archives), seminars, meetings, conventions, trips, etc. all on your MyMangosteen calendar.

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Connecting and building has never been so easy! Send out links to presentations, videos, documents, landing pages, product pages etc. and know exactly when they are viewed.
    MyMangosteen is the only system within XANGO to offer these things and when you join you get even more:
  • Lead capture pages
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